Tuesday, May 15, 2012

TWD: Pecan Sticky Buns from Baking with Julia

Nancy Silverton’s Pecan Sticky Buns from Baking with Julia
When Dorie Greenspan described these pastries as the “ne plus ultra of sticky bundom,” indeed she was correct. Chances are, you’ve never tasted sticky buns like these.

Nancy Silverton’s recipe makes the the fluffiest sticky buns you’ll ever see. They were downright pillowy, a lovely thing to behold, the stuff that makes a cook exceedingly proud of her accomplishments.

And as pretty as these are, and as fun as they were to make, I was underwhelmed. Yes, technically I was very pleased with the outcome, but not thrilled with the end result.

These sticky buns had a little too much something-something.

I know that for me to say something is too much is a little out of character because I like bold flavors and certainly wear too many accessories and tend to overdress no matter what the occasion and cannot help but dream of big hair.

To me, it is gilding the lily to turn a rich and buttery brioche dough into sticky buns.

I held back for the same reason years ago when it was trendy to use croissants in bread pudding. I prefer sticky buns and cinnamon rolls made with dough that is only slightly sweet. For me, it is the contrast of cinnamon filling, the caramel sauce and rather plainish dough that makes sticky buns so yummy.

And as for brioche, well, I’d rather you give me a big warm loaf with a nice top knot and let me go off into a corner to enjoy it by myself with maybe just a cup of good, dark coffee to finish. Brioche, when it’s done well, needs nothing else.

My husband, however, did not think this recipe gilded the lily, or if he did, he saw no problem with it (and he isn’t even Southern). He loved these sticky buns. It was a special luxury for us to tuck into them at 9:45 on a work night. (I did sleep very well after a sticky bun nightcap.)

Now, as to the technical aspects of the recipe, I have no complaints at all. Everything worked beautifully. The recipe was fun and easy to execute, not at all complicated. If you’d like to see the recipe and make these buns for yourself, visit the host blogs of Lynn at Eat Drink Man Woman Dogs Cat and Nicole at Cookies on Friday.


  1. Your sticky buns look great, but I felt the same way about them as you.

  2. Sticky bun nightcap :-) Love it.


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